The second CD shows a growth in musical complexity and lyrical subtlety. The group, although clearly still fond of the style that was dominant in the first CD, has matured into a band that pays tribute to many more musical styles and genres.


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Skoal - The Mower Men
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The first CD by The Mower Men is inspired by the great sport of lawn mower racing. Songs reference the styles of surfing and car racing music of the early 60's.


Influences on the project include artists like The Ventures, Dick Dale, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, or even the vocal styling of doo-wop. The music is a tribute to the men and women involved in the  sport of lawn mower racing. These are real songs about real people who load up their lawn mowers and drive all over the country to compete in races.

Listen to a selection now

Run Bobby Run

Run Bobby Run - The Mower Men
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Go to iTunes or CDBaby to listen to Mower and Mower Music. Order your copies now and ask yourself "How mow can you go?"

Here are a few reviews of Mower Music:


It's the best darn music I've heard since the last Britney Spears album ... USLMRA President, Bruce Kaufman


It's the definitive musical work on the sport of lawn mower racing--It's also the only musical work on lawn mower racing ... USLMRA Racing Commissioner, Ken Jones


Great work... We need more!! Loved the CD, it truly captures the spirit of lawn mower racing ... NDLMRA Secretary, Rocky Thomas


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